For many decades, Africa’s quest to pursue transformational development has not been encouraging.  A major contributing factor to the continent’s slow pace of development is “failed leadership”.

Over the years, a series of attempts have been made by the international community including governmental and non-governmental organizations to address the leadership problem. These efforts were subsumed under the concept of “Good Governance” ultimately resulting in the embracing of democratic governance by many African countries.

With a new wave of democracy sweeping across the region, there is increasing optimism about the development prospects. Yet, a commonly held view is that democracy will not necessarily produce rapid socio-economic transformation to relieve millions of people from poverty and despair unless there is a corresponding change in the misunderstanding and misapplication of leadership. Essentially, most of the efforts made by various stakeholders have produced modest gains because they tend not to tackle the problem from the roots.

Against this background, AFRIWIC INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION/SERTOH LEADERSHIP INTERNATIONAL was established. AFRIWIC is an acronym for Africa with changed mentality, and SERTOH is also an acronym for Service to humanity. We are a non-profit, non-religious and non-governmental, youth leadership organization.  Our vision is to inculcate a new sense of leadership, “SERVANT LEADERSHIP” into the youth through a variety of programs including Seminars and Workshops.  The programs would be designed with the aim of changing the negative mindset of the youth on life and leadership by re-educating them on the true principles of leadership characterized by selflessness and the desire to serve other than the ability to influence and control others.  In effect, we can positively influence the  perception of the youth on life and leadership. This will in turn impact their attitude to serve their generation selflessly and to build a better foundation for posterity.

We currently operate in Africa and the United States of America to assist the marginalized youth have a better understanding of life and leadership in order to equip them with wisdom and hope for a successful living.



Become the leading organization in educating the youth in Africa and around the world about the true principles of life and leadership, and to transform mindsets and lives to meaningfully serve their generation in Africa and around the globe and to lay a better foundation for posterity


Leadership plays a vital role in various aspects of human relationships such as the family, communities, schools, religious bodies, and corporate organizations. Thus, the functioning of society to a large extent depends on leadership in general. This suggests that societies or organizations that invest in building good leaders are more likely to be progressive than those who do not.

We of AFRIWIC/SERTOH, believe that every individual is endowed with some leadership qualities or gifts they can identify, develop, and harness to benefit the individuals themselves and society as a whole. In view of this, it is our passion to inculcate in people, especially the youth,  the noble idea that everybody has leadership gifts to offer to society, as well as inculcate in them, the true principles and character of leadership. We believe that pursuing this passion will transform peoples' mindsets and lives so they can effect a positive change in their generation, and lay a better foundation for posterity.



Raising leaders to serve their generation with the character of leadership and a high sense of discipline, selflessness, dedication, and passion to transform the lives of people in their communities.


Short Term Objectives

To educate the youth on the true purpose, values and principles of life and leadership in order to form in them a leadership character, integrity and the attitude for nation building
To support the youth to identify, appreciate, and develop their peculiar leadership gifts towards the development of their generation and making significant contribution to the creation of a democratic and a peaceful world at large
To research into the problems of the youth and adopt strategies to alleviate them in order to combat juvenile delinquency

Medium Term Objectives

To be the mouth-piece of the youth concerning various critical decisions affecting them and to mentor, support and counsel troubled youth, in order to help transform them into responsible leaders in their communities
To forge unity and partnerships with various youth institutions, religious bodies, and community youth organizations in Africa and other parts of the world, through exchange programs in the areas of education, culture, science and technology
Offer free leadership seminars and workshops for managers, aspiring managers in various organizations including religious bodies, youth institutions, non-governmental organizations, and voluntary organizations

Long Term Objectives

To set up educational centers like schools, libraries, science laboratories and computer centers in rural areas in Africa and around the globe to assist the marginalized youth to attain the ultimate standard of education they need
To research and investigate issues confronting the development of African youth and offer suggestions of solutions to stakeholders for possible implementation
Set up chapters in high schools in Africa and around the globe